The Weaving: Artwork Consumes Waste Materials

Look for The Weaving at the DePaul Pop-up Art Exhibit.

environmental critique


Angela Guest

The Weaving is a processual, impulsive, lifelong work with no set out design. I add to it when I can and with whatever fabric I can get my hands on, from friends and from myself. An addition to contemporary textile work, it is experimental and expressive, lacking any sense of tradition or control. With my roots as a painter, I attempt to treat fabric like paint; a strip of fabric is not too different from a stroke of paint, and an oil painting can become part of a weaving.

Through the large consumption of unwanted clothing and all the memories attached, The Weaving has evolved into a looping, folding monster and odd character in my life. It is adaptable. Wherever it goes it shape shifts to its setting and finds a home there. Splayed on my apartment floor, draped over a wall divider at the IAMI Showcase, placed…

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